Kid Notices He’s Blocked In The Driveway, Immediately Forgets, Backs Into Car

Kid Notices He's Blocked In The Driveway, Immediately Forgets, Backs Into Car

This is some home security cam footage of a young driver who, exiting the house, notices he’s blocked in and even acknowledges it with a “I’m blocked in, dude.” Then he gets in his truck and immediately backs into the car that was blocking him in like he has the memory of a goldfish. The car he hit then rolls into the street (was it in neutral?!) while he runs after it. Thankfully, passing traffic had much more wherewithal than he did and stops for the runaway vehicle. Still, despite my instance, he refuses to give me the name of who took his driver’s test for him, or take a piss test.

Animal Size Comparison Video

Animal Size Comparison Video

Presumably made to help aid in my decision of choosing a new battle mount, this is a visualization created by Global Data comparing the sizes of various animals both extant and extinct. I gathered a lot of useful information watching it, and not just that I’ve been spelling polar bear wrong all my life. For air battles, I’d choose the Hatzegopteryx. For dry land, a T-rex or Paraceratherium. And if it’s a sea battle, well, I’m riding Ursula. What she lacks in size and teeth compared to a megalodon she more than makes up for in sea witch magic and massages.

Bird Rings Doorbell, Flies Away In Classic Ding Dong Ditch Prank

Bird Rings Doorbell, Flies Away In Classic Ding Dong Ditch Prank

This is some doorbell cam footage of a bird coming to the door, pecking around for a bit, then ringing the bell and flying off once it sounds. Then the owner comes out looking all confused because there isn’t anobody, or any packages, there. Without the doorbell cam footage to review he might very well think his house is haunted. Or that some neighborhood kids are playing a prank. Or, if he’s one of my neighbors, that a drunk and bored middle-aged man is playing a prank. I’m gonna TP a house tonight if I don’t pass out on the sofa first!

The Best Of Skateboarder Sean Greene’s San Francisco Hill Bombs

The Best Of Skateboarder Sean Greene's San Francisco Hill Bombs

This is a Thrasher compilation of some of the best San Francisco hill bombs performed by skateboarder Sean Greene, runs that can only be described as entirely too steep and a bad idea. I like how with the speed he generates he can easily ollie over an entire crosswalk. Me? I’ve broken way too many bones to be playing with this fire. And I’ve played with way too many fires to grow hair on my forearms. For the longest time my girlfriend thought I shaved them.

A Visualization Of The World’s Top 50 Websites By Monthly Traffic

A Visualization Of The World's Top 50 Websites By Monthly Traffic

Note: Image has been cut, click HERE to see the full-size image.

Using data collected from Similarweb, this is a visualization created by VisualCapitalist of the world’s top 50 most visited websites, based on monthly traffic volume. As you can see, Borninspace did not make the cut. I assume it’s number 51. A shame. I do like the fuchsia adult section on the far left though. That must be like the back of the bus. Borninspace isn’t even on the bus, I opened the rear emergency door and hopped out at a red light long ago, now I’m hanging out in the sewers underneath the bus. It’s cool, it’s where I belong anyways. Hey scary raccoon, which way to the Ninja Turtle’s hideout?

Performing Notoriously Difficult ‘Through The Fire And Flames’ On Accordions

Performing Notoriously Difficult 'Through The Fire And Flames' On Accordions

This is a video of the very talented Morander Brothers performing the notoriously difficult to play ‘Through The Fire And Flames’ by DragonForce on accordions. ‘Through The Fire And Flames’ was made infamous by Guitar Hero III, where it was one of the hardest tracks to perfect. The Morander Brothers nail it though, and on accordions. Me? I’m not very good on accordion. My good buddy Ricardo of Very Be Careful is amazing with it though — he can make that thing sing. I can only make it sound like a dying robot wheezing its last breaths.