LOL: Flight Instructor Goes Wild During Student’s Dogfight Training

LOL: Flight Instructor Goes Wild During Student's Dogfight Training

Note: Language.

This is a video of a student in the U.S. Air Force’s Introduction To Fighter Fundamentals course getting a dogfighting lesson in a T-38 Talon and his instructor getting very excited in the process. Sounds like a fun instructor. My flight instructor? He’d scream bloody murder every time we went airborne. “That’s because he was a driving instructor.” It took me three years to get my license.

Guy Plays A-ha’s ‘Take On Me’ In Microsoft Excel

Guy Plays A-ha's 'Take On Me' In Microsoft Excel

This is a video of musician Dylan Tallchief performing A-ha’s classic ‘Take On Me’ with the digital audio workstation he built inside Microsoft Excel. After the song plays he then discusses how the audio workstation works and how he makes songs with it. Honestly, like the ‘You Must Be This Tall To Ride’ sign at Six Flags when I was five, it was a little over my head. I am dumb though. “You can say that again.” Then why are you even with me, honey?! And don’t say my awesome penis I want another reason.

Thanks to hairless, who can’t wait to see what Dylan can do with Microsoft Word. Hopefully my book report.

Barcelona Opera House Reopens To Concert For 2,292 Plants

Barcelona Opera House Reopens To Concert For 2,292 Plants

This is a video from the Liceu Opera House in Barcelona, Spain, which recently reopened and held a concert for 2,292 potted plants. That’s, uh, that’s something. I bet the plants are extra happy though because I think I read somewhere that it’s good to play music for your plants. But whatever you do, don’t play whatever music my girlfriend does because all her plants are dead. “It’s the sound of your voice that killed them.” Wooooow. Wow wow wow. Really honey? Because I was just joking but you went there and now I have no choice but to angrily confess I’ve been peeing in their pots when I’m too lazy to go all the way to the bathroom.

Keep going for two videos, one short news-report style one, and one longer of just the concert.

Renting Sadness: A Visualization Of All US Blockbuster Locations From 1986 – 2019

Renting Sadness: A Visualization Of All US Blockbuster Locations From 1986 - 2019

This is a visualization of all Blockbuster store locations in the US from 1986 to 2019. As you could probably imagine, there were very few in the beginning, a ton in the middle (peaking in early 2005), and now there’s only one left. It’s crazy to think there used to be a Blockbuster just down the street that I would go to all the time, and now it’s an indoor cycling gym and I go never. “Then why’d you get a membership?” Because of the very few things I’m good at in life, I’m incredible at lying to myself.

Now I Want A Gyro: Ja Rule’s Ridiculous Papa Cristo’s Greek Grill Commercial

Now I Want A Gyro: Ja Rule's Ridiculous Papa Cristo's Greek Grill Commercial

This is a commercial for Papa Cristo’s Greek Grill on West Pico in Los Angeles, starring and self-produced by Ja-Rule. Some more info while I wonder if 8:30AM is too early for a gyro and some baklava (SPOILER: it isn’t).

He produced it himself for TBS’ new reality TV show, Celebrity Show-Off. Set to premiere on Tuesday (June 23), the program will feature a variety of stars across sports, music, comedy and film, as they face off to see who can create the most exciting content from home to attract YouTube viewers.

In a clip of Ja Rule’s upcoming episode on the show, he explains that he wanted to make the short ad to help one of his favorite small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

Man, Papa Cristo’s really is amazing and when I lived in the area I would go regularly. Honestly, Papa Cristo’s is Always On Time and, Between You and Me, It’s Murda. See what I did there? “Brought shame on your entire family?” Probably an actual curse too.

Guy Denied Claw Machine Win At Last Moment

Guy Denied Claw Machine Win At Last Moment

This is a short video of a guy who thinks he’s winning a Pac-Man ghost plushie from a claw machine when an unfortunate bounce against the prize chute denies him his win. As a man who’s no stranger to pumping his entire allowance into these machines, this has happened to me countless times. Which is exactly why I made a robotic Doctor Octopus arm to send up the prize chute and claim what is rightfully mine. “Isn’t that cheating?” Only if the guy with the quarter-dispensing belt catches you. Besides, I’m kinda like a modern day Robin Hood, I take from the claw machines and give to the– “Children’s Hospital?” Okay I was going to say my dogs, but now I feel bad.