‘Pokemon Go Grandpa’ Now Playing With 72 Smartphone Bike Rig
Remember Pokemon Go grandpa? Of course you do, THE MAN IS A LEGEND. And now he’s upgraded his 45-smartphone rig from last year to this 72-phone peacock-looking mammer jammer. That is a lot of Pokemon Go. That’s so much Pokemon Go it may have actually moved into the realm of
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German Shepard/Husky Mix Climbs Ladder To Sneak Into Pool For A Swim
This is a video of water loving German Shepsky Elliot climbing the ladder to his family’s above-ground pool to swim a couple quick laps before getting out and presumably trying to pretend like nothing happened even though he’s soaking wet. That’s like my dog trying to pretend like she wasn’t
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My Keyboard Demands Them: These Custom Made Pokemon Keycaps
These are the custom resin Pokemon keycaps crafted and sold by Etsy shop DBaiRshop. They’re compatible with Cherry MX switches, come in Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur varieties, and, unfortunately for anyone who wants them but wasn’t born with a silver USB drive in their mouth, cost $45 apiece. Like,
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Guy Making Insanely Close Guesses Of Where Google Street Views Are In The World
This is ‘Insane Guesses Compilation #5,’ a video of Youtuber GeoWizard playing GeoGuessr (a web-based game that requires you to guess where a Google Street View location is in the world based solely on the clues available in the view) and absolutely crushing it. He’s casually guessing within a kilometer
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Madman Crafts Wrecktangle, A Giant Rectangular Sword
This is a video of bladesmith and general lunatic michaelcthulhu crafting the Wrecktangle, a massive rectangular sword that looks more like he tore the diving board off a neighbor’s pool than it does a sword. I couldn’t even imagine trying to carry that behemoth into battle. I mean, I’m not
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Awww: Wildlife Photographer Captures Up-Close Audio Of 7-Week Old Red Squirrel
This is a short video captured by zoologist and wildlife photographer Dani Conner Wild (appropriate last name) of the sounds a seven-week old red squirrel makes while snacking on a nut. The squirrel is actually one of four babies that Dani cares for in the wild after their mother was
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Valuable Info: How Amusement Park Drop Towers Work (And Safely)
This is a video from Youtuber Art Of Engineering discussing at length how both electromagnetic and pneumatic drop towers work, and how they operate safely. I didn’t actually bother watching the whole video but I assume the answer is they don’t, and every time you ride one you’re risking it
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Whoa: Music Made With The Sounds Of Stars
This is Starsounds, an ambient music track created by composer Brian Eno (who, FUN FACT: actually coined and popularized the term ambient music) using the infrasound acoustic waves stars produce, which have been sped up to be heard by human ears. That’s cool. You know what would be even cooler?
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