Get that boy some treats, pronto!
Good Boy!: Dog Collects Plastic Bottle Trash For Recycling!

Seen here with his treasure horde like a dragon atop its pile of gold, this is a video highlighting the life of 13-year old Scruff, a border collie who collects plastic trash for recycling. Well, originally he picked up plastic trash to play with and discard, but after a meeting with Captain Planet his owners realized it would be better to actually recycle all the trash he picks up, which is what they’ve started doing. He collected over 1,000 plastic bottles in the beginning of the year alone, earning him the nickname “the eco-dog” in his hometown of Nuneaton, England. My dogs? They do not pick up plastic trash, but they can eat rabbit poop while I plead with them not to with the very best of them. Equal but different — that’s the lie I tell myself while dodging kisses.