Do a kickflip!
Man Performs Tricks On Freeskates, Tiny Two-Wheeled Skateboards For Each Foot

These are several Instagram videos of Lance Lynn demonstrating his exceptional skill with Freeskates, tiny two-wheeled skateboards, one for each foot. In case you couldn’t tell from the screencaps, he’s not attached to them either (and wearing flip flops in the video on the mini halfpipe!), which allows him to perform kicky-flips and all sorts of other tricks, like pushing a skate away then reconnecting with it later (I would have just said goodbye forever). For reference, I had to ice my ankles just thinking about how badly I’d roll them attempting anything like this. They say the more you roll an ankle the easier it is to roll in the future, and both my ankles are like mouse trackballs now. Do kids even know about those?