There, all better.
Smart Thinking: Man Creates Pant-Adding Filter For Zoom Meetings

Because one of the benefits from working from home is working pantless, a lot of people join virtual meetings in their underwear. OR LESS. Me? I always keep my camera off because my coworkers do NOT want to see what I’m doing, which is usually eating cereal out of the dent in my chest. “WITH milk?” Yes with milk — I’m not a child, this isn’t a car ride with a bag of Cheerios. To help combat pantlessness in the virtual workplace, Fletcher of Everything Is Hacked used OpenCV, MediaPipe, and pyvirtualcam to create a filter that adds pants to your lower half in the event you aren’t wearing any. As he points out though, if you forgot to wear pants, you probably also forgot to enable the pants filter on your computer. Nice penis, by the way.