Zippity zap!
Zeus Makes His Own Contribution To Fireworks Show

This is a very brief video of Zeus adding his own bit of flair to a 4th of July fireworks show in Mustang, Oklahoma (never been, but I can imagine what it’s like). That’s cool, I love fireworks AND lightning. Is anybody working on a way to harvest lightning energy? *checks Wikipedia* Good, good. Granted it could never power as many homes as my raw sexual energy, but *touches butt, makes sizzling sound* this can’t be bottled. I did briefly sell my sweat online though so others could harness the attractive power of my pheromones. I got a lot of complaints from men claiming it made them smell like a chili cheese dog with extra onions and only attracted raccoons, which does sound accurate.

Thanks to JustA, who agrees if you garner the attention of the gods, clearly you’re doing something right.