Whoa -- is that the final frontier I see?!
Car Painted With The Blackest Black Paint And Hypershift Topcoat Looks Like A Galaxy

Remember the post from two days ago of the entire interior of a room being painted with Musou black, the world’s darkest commercially available paint, absorbing 99.4% of light that hits it? I certainly hope you remember, otherwise we might have a The Notebook situation on our hands. I would come retell you our love story every day though, just for the record. In related Musou black news, this is a video from the folks at DipYourCar (previously), who painted the entire exterior of a car with the paint, then added a Hypershift pearlescent topcoat, resulting in a paint job that looks like a galaxy. It looks awesome on video, I can only imagine how cool it looks in real life. Of course there is the possibility that it actually does not look as good in real life, like a McRib versus the ones in commercials.

Keep going for the video, but skip to 7:30 if you just want to see the result.