To infinity and beyond!
Evel Knievel Toy Launches Over Row Of Other Toys, Out 2nd Story Window

These are two clips of an Evel Knievel toy doing what it does best: risking it all to entertain a crowd. The first video has Evel launching over what can only be described as a dream yard sale, and the second clip has him flying out a second story window. He manages to land the first jump after a flip on the landing ramp, but he loses his bike on the second. Per Evel himself: “Bones heal, pain is temporary, and chicks dig scars.” Oh man, I’ve got scars, chicks really don’t seem to dig them though. I also have chronic pain and an arm held together with a titanium plate and six screws. I’m starting to think maybe Evel here didn’t have it as all figured out as I gave him credit for.