That must feel good.
Man Sets New Super Mario World Speedrun Record With 41.022 Seconds

Presumably to celebrate Mar10 Day yesterday, speedrunner FURiOUS (aka Matheus Furtado of Brazil) successfully completed Super Mario World in a scant 41.022 seconds, using the 0 Exit method (aka Credits Warp), which involves making a bunch of exact moves to trigger arbitrary code executions in the game, causing it warp to the end credits. If you’re into this and want to read detailed explanations of what’s happening and how it works you can check out much more information HERE and HERE. If you don’t care about that you can just watch the video. And if you really don’t care, you can not watch the video, and go get me a soda. “I thought you gave up soda for Lent.” I decided to give up caring about anything instead.