Just keep jumping.
Skateboarder Ollies Up 23 Stairs In A Row

Because dream it, and with a long enough stamina bar, you can achieve it, this is a video of skateboarder Douwe Macare ollieing up 23 stairs in a row. He then ends the feat with a celebratory kickflip, just like I was hoping he would. For reference, I broke my arm in high school trying to ollie over my recycling bin in the driveway. Or, I should say, re-broke my arm, because it turns out the bone had never actually healed from the snowboarding break. Now I have a Luke Skywalker arm, but without the crazy story to tell about my dad chopping it off with his laser sword in a duel.

Keep going for the video, as well as one of it played backwards because someone (hopefully jokingly) suggested the video was reversed.

@douwemacare My legs were burning on that kickflip🥵🛹 #skater #ollie #fyp #foryou #awesome #fun ♬ The Hustle – Van McCoy

@douwemacare Antwoorden op @Brett flip it and reverse it 🔄◀️ #reverse #skater #foryou #fyp #skate #awesome ♬ Work it – Missy Eliott