Permission to buzz the tower.
Stunt Pilot Lands Plane On Skyscraper’s Rooftop Helipad

This is a video of Polish stunt pilot Lukasz Czepiela landing a specially modified plane (total weight reduced to 940 pounds, main fuel tank moved to rear for harder braking, plus nitrous added for taking off again) on the 87-foot diameter helipad atop the 56-story Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel in Dubai (the one that looks like a giant sail). Lukazs practiced the landing over 650 times to make sure he could stop the plane, which requires a minimum of 69 feet to land. That isn’t much room for error. Me? I can land on the length of any sofa. Or a loveseat, although I’ll probably bang my shins then get so pissed I try to destroy it. Just a heads up if I ever crash at your place.