Note to self: don't think about these right before bed.
Yikes: Artist Reimagines Muppets Characters As Classic Horror Villains

This is a series of portraits created by artist Jason Beck reimagining Muppets characters as classic horror villains. The portraits include, Monster, drumroll please: Gonzo as Jason Voorhees with Camilla as Mrs. Voorhees, Fozzie as Freddy Krueger, Miss Piggy as Carrie White, Kermit as Norman Bates, Beaker as Michael Myers with Dr. Bunson Honeydew as Dr. Loomis, Swedish Chef as Leatherface, Animal as Buffalo Bill, Rowlf as Hannibal Lecter, Sam the Eagle as Pinhead, Scooter as Chucky, Electric Mayhem as Capt. Spaulding and the Firefly Family, and Statler and Waldorf as The Grady Twins. So, which is your favorite? I thought they were all just the right amount of disturbing for me to be able to laugh off right now, but then start thinking about them right before bed and not be able to fall asleep tonight. I’m…a delicate flower. “You’re a weed.” Is a dandelion a weed? “Yes.” Okay then yeah I’m a weed.

Keep going for all twelve individual portraits. Prints and shirts and phone cases and throw pillows and shower curtains and everything else with the designs are available at Jason’s Redbubble shop HERE.