Heck yeah, strap me to that rocket next time.
Artemis 1’s Mission To The Moon In Just 60 Seconds (Plus 25 Min Highlight Reel)

Preparing for our return to the moon in coming years (it’s about time), the recently completed Artemis 1 mission successfully made unmanned moon-flybys with the Orion space capsule, which was just recovered from the Pacific ocean. Artemis 2 will see manned moon-flybys, and Artemis 3, humanity’s return to the moon for a week-long vacation from earth (that sounds nice). This is a video of Artemis 1’s entire 25-day journey condensed like a soup into just 60 seconds. And if that was too brief for you, I also included a much longer 25-minute video of all the highlights. Space — it’s time to get excited again! But not too excited. Like don’t hang a moon poster on the ceiling above your bed and fall in love with it or anything.

Thanks to my dad, who agrees it’s only a matter of time now until we discover the martian’s hidden moon base.