"The fact that there's a Skittle stuck to the outside is a truly ominous sign..."
Auto Detailer’s ‘Nastiest Vehicle I’ve Seen’ Gets Cleaned To Perfection

This is a video of The Detail Geek cleaning and detailing what he believes to be the new nastiest vehicle he’s ever been contracted to clean, a 2018 Kia Sedona that looks like a McDonald’s exploded inside of it. The detailing took a total of 18 hours, which is significantly longer than it would have taken me to detail it with a gallon of gasoline and a lighter. How do you even muck up a car so bad in two years? “Kids.” Those filthy little animals. Still, would it have killed you to vacuum your car out every couple months and give it a wipe-down? I mean this is just shameful. Granted maybe not as shameful as my roommate’s car, but when he’s driving he literally just looks like a head floating in a sea of fast food garbage. I don’t even let him park it in the driveway anymore because it attracts vermin.

Keep going for the video. First minute and a half is how disgusting it is, reveal at 32:00 followed by before-and-after pics, customer reaction at 35:00.

Thanks to Josh, who agrees this family needs to invest in a shop vac and some decency.

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  1. Deksam

    How are the owners able to show their faces, you know their home is is just as bad too.

  2. TheCureForHope

    These people are monsters.

    1. James Mcelroy

      i was thinking animals, but monsters seems apropos.