Um, did you just break my comic?
Gallery Of Artist’s Incredible Comic Book Stained Glass Art

These are a few examples of the comic book cover stained glass art (plus BONUS Victorian/gothic Wolverine and Cyclops stained glass portraits) produced by artist Jesse Olwen (pieces available in his Etsy shop, Cyclops portrait $730). Obviously, they all include some glass painting as well because of all the too-small-to-cut-glass-for details. For reference, the X-Men cover measures 25″ x 16″. I’m particularly fond of the Wolverine and Cyclops portraits. I could see either one of those hanging in my bedroom window, watching my girlfriend longingly stare at it, my jealousy building. “Wait, what?” I’ll make a point to always close the blinds before making love.

Keep going for closeups of each, as well as the equally impressive Wolverine and Cyclops portraits.