I never asked for this, I just wanted an ice cream in one of those little plastic baseball hats.
Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robots Join Pepper Humanoid Robots To Cheerlead At Japanese Baseball Games

Because the world is going to hell in the bicycle basket of Wile E. Coyote’s rocket-powered jet-bike, the Nippon Professional Baseball team Softbank Hawks have added 20 Boston Dynamics Spot quadruped robots and 20 Softbank Robotics Pepper humanoid robots to the stands to act as cheerleaders in the fan-less Paypal Stadium during games while human admission slowly resumes. There’s a disconcerting video of them in action below (are those robot dogs gyrating?), and let me tell you, if I were a player I would be aiming for them. I’d do the ol’ Babe Ruth point into the stands, then grand slam one of those sucker’s heads off and wake up in a hot sweat with a boner like one of those toy plastic jumbo bats.