This website costs money, and it always comes out of my account when I least expect it.
Help Keep The Dream Of BornInSpace Alive

Contrary to the popular belief I perpetuate around friends at parties, BornInSpace doesn’t actually make all that Geekologie money. It’s more of a pet project, and not even that well behaved a pet. It’s the kind that’ll pee on your sheets so you have to wash them, then pee on them again right after. So if you want to help keep this spaceship cruising, consider making a contribution to the site via Paypal ([email protected]) or Patreon. You can also consider this a reminder to cancel your Patreon subscription if you’ve been meaning to do that because you don’t love me anymore. It’ll hurt, but I’ll get it over it. I mean not before exacting revenge when you least expect it, but still. Now, let’s go pee out of an airlock!