Those commercials lied to me!
Maserati SUV Driver Mistakes His Vehicle For Functional Off Roader, Gets Stuck In Flood

This is a video of the aftermath of a nimrod Maserati Levante owner who intentionally drove his ~$100,000 vehicle “around multiple barrels, signs, an arrow board, and barricades into high water at US 23 and I-270 on the south side of Columbus, Ohio,” where he proceeded to get stuck on a flooded road. He then sits on top of the car until the cops arrive. “You afraid of sharks or something?! That water is barely past your ankles, now stop playing Humpty Dumpty and get over here, we can see what a real idiot looks like up close.” Fingers crossed there were also some hefty tickets involved.

Keep going for a shot of what he had to drive around to get where he got, as well as the video of the aftermath.