Help BornInSpace With Geekologie Gentrification

So I was going to hire someone (I was thinking a trained monkey but we’ll see what the money allows) to start migrating some of my old Geekologie work (read: smut) over to BornInSpace so it can live on the internet forever (and ramp up the overall posts per day). Remember Geekologie? Those were the days, weren’t they? We were both so much…younger. Do you want to help? WELL YOU CAN. With money. You ARE older and wealthier now, right? Please consider joining our Patreon to make a monthly contribution, or dump a bunch of money into our Paypal at [email protected] or Venmo (@borninspace) like a true patron of the arts. Any and all help is greatly appreciated, but I will consider sitting for nude portraits for larger contributions, even if your only previous experience is in finger paints. “A tasteful nude’s a tasteful nude.” — me