I'd still award him at least one point for effort.
High School Basketball Player’s Failed Attempt To Dunk Over Heads Of Fans

This is a short slow motion video of a San Luis Obispo, California high school basketball player attempting to dunk over the heads of four young fans lined up in front of the basket. Unfortunately, he makes contact with the first kid and things quickly spiral downhill for him from there, dropping the ball and kicking the last kid in the head as well. You know, they really should have gone with four kids all the same height as the shorter two kids in the middle. But just remember: even failure is a learning experience. It just sucks to fail in front of your whole high school with everyone recording. Reminds me of my senior year talent show performance. I did magic tricks. “What happened?” Well, my finale was supposed to be levitation, but I ended up going with an unexpected fart and falling off the stage in a panic instead.