A textbook case of trying hard and believing in yourself.
Holy Smokes: Rock Bouncer Exits Dirt Pit Via Near-Vertical Wall

This is a video from Perryville, Missouri of Jake climbing a near-vertical wall in his rock bouncer. What’s a rock bouncer? Apparently not the world’s shittiest piece of playground equipment. Some more info while I wish pieces didn’t break off my car every time I run over a curb:

Jake going up a man-made hill with his rock bouncer. Friends and rock racers got together over a weekend to ‘play around’ in their bouncers (like monster trucks but way cooler) and work out any problems that the buggies might have. Rock bouncing is a form of racing but coming up hills that are next to impossible to climb but these guys do it. They compete in different races over the southern US for money, trophies and bragging rights. At the end of the day, all the guys/girls had a great time and lots of buggies got broken.

Man, I wish I had the money to get involved in a hobby like this. Unfortunately, right now my budget is less rock bouncing and more rock skipping at the river by the old railroad tracks. I also drink warm beer there and think about life and whether any of the frogs are actually princesses with curses on them. “Please tell me you don’t try kissing them.” *rubbing ointment on lips* Me? Never.