Come on in, the water's fine!
Ice Skater Crashes Through Thin Ice Of Amsterdam Canal

This is a video of a man in Amsterdam who clearly had one too many space cakes and thought he was performing in *Googles Dutch fairy tales* ‘The Legend Of The Wooden Shoe, On Ice’, making the poor decision to skate on a part of the canal that doesn’t look nearly as frozen as the rest, and immediately taking a polar bear plunge. Although, based on his shirt-and-pantlessness and the readiness of people with ropes, I suspect he meant for this to happen. Space cake ideas aren’t always your best ideas, after all. *mixing box of Golden Grahams with Cocoa Puffs and all the marshmallows from two boxes of Lucky Charms* Although they often aren’t your worst ideas either, just for the record.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees you’ll never be a star if you’re afraid of shooting.