Yeah just leave that in the recording studio you're not bringing that back home.
What The: Creepy Baby Dolls Modded Into Musical Synthesizers

Because can you even call yourself a band if you don’t have at least one instrument that looks like a creepy baby doll, these are the $300 BabyBot musical synthesizers created and sold by Moonlight Armada. Available in light theremin (red) and analog synthesizer (purple) editions, both are ‘set up to be wild and experimental, so the best way to play it is to just start turning knobs until you find combinations you like.’ Heck yeah, you know how I feel about turning knobs with absolutely no clue what I’m doing. “That’s how you blew up the third Death Star.” So I lied on my resume, everybody does. “If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you–” Beat them to it and claim all the glory for myself? There’s no question.

Keep going for a couple short video demonstrations, but check your volume first.