And I held my hands up the whole time.
Roller Coaster Engineer Discusses The 8 Types Of Coasters

This is a clip from WIRED’s ‘A World of Difference’ of Korey Kiepert, engineer and owner of wooden roller coaster design firm The Gravity Group comparing and contrasting the eight main types of roller coasters, how they operate, and what decisions lead to building one style of coaster instead of another. Did you even know there were eight different kinds of coaster? I did not, I thought there were only five: 1) lame roller coasters for kids, 2) the kind that bang my head around too much and make me feel like I’m going to puke 3) the kind that actually make me puke, and 4) the one my brother and I nearly fell out of, The Beast at King’s Island in Ohio.

Keep going for the video while I daydream I’ve just finished a funnel cake before taking my seat in the very front car of a coaster while everyone behind me look at each other nervously.