Damn, Russia, calm down!
Daredevil Passes Through Windshield And Out Rear Of Van Doing 50MPH

Because Russian daredevils take daredeviling far more seriously than the rest of the world, this is a video of Russian lunatic Evgeny Chebotarev passing through a van traveling at 50MPH by hopping up off a wooden support right as the van approaches him, cleanly traveling through the whole van from removed windshield to back doors and landing in the road as it passes arond him, having only traveled about four feet vertically during the whole stunt. For reference, that is totally nuts and I am definitely going to try it this weekend against the best wishes of everyone who cares about me, and the encouragement of everyone who doesn’t.

Keep going for several angles of the stunt to see how it was performed.

Thanks again to JustA, who agrees sometimes you just have to spit in Death’s eye and go for it.