"Slow news day?" Just the opposite!
Spot The Cat Hiding In Pile Of Stuffed Animals

This is a video from TikTok user 5crazycats (and I highly suspect 1crazycatlady) of her cat Larry hiding in a pile of stuffed animals (including a couple realistic cats). It only took me two views to find him. I’m not bragging, but I do have cat-vision. It’s like x-ray vision but far less cool or useful. Honestly, this might only be the second time it’s ever come in handy. The other time being that other find the cat post. *shrug* With feeble power comes almost no responsibility.

@5crazycats Did I hide my cat well??? #funny #viral #fypシ #petlover #crazycatlady #kitten #foryou #funnycats #trending ♬ original sound – animalsdoingthings