Hold your hands up!
What The Ferrari 0-149MPH Roller Coaster Does To Your Face When You Ride It

This is a video of a couple riding the Formula Rossa roller coaster (the world’s fastest) at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi and demonstrating how how the 4.9G acceleration from 0 – 149MPH in 4.9 seconds affects his face. It blows it around like a plastic shopping bag in a windy parking lot. Also I like how your upper body is so free in the seat of the ride. Since it doesn’t do any loops there’s no over-the-shoulder harness. That’s nice. Plus it’ll make it easier for me to slip out of the seat and sue. I mean provided I don’t die. Space Mountain didn’t kill me though! “But it did do damage.” Mom! “What?” You said I was fine!

Keep going for the video, which should start at 12:54 unless you want to see all the other rides at Ferrari World.