Going up?
A Corner Office That’s A Giant Elevator

This is a video of knowledge seeker Tom Scott traveling to Zlin, Czechia, to tour the 16-story Bat’a Skyscraper, which features a corner office that can visit every floor, because it’s a giant elevator. The office was built for Bata shoes president Jan Antonín Baťa in 1936, but he never got to use it because World War II broke out. The office, which measures 20′ x 20′, has its own air conditioning, telephone, and sink, and can visit every floor of the building. Pretty sweet. Plus now I have something to knock any frenemy down a peg who tries bragging about their corner office. “Cool, cool, but is it also an elevator? Because that’s where it’s really at. I work from home in my PJs and watch soap operas with my dogs.”