And the crowd goes wil-- wait, there's no crowd.
Attempt #322: Guy Uses Bicycle And Skateboard To Sink Basketball Trick Shot

This is a clip from lots of free time haver and Twitter user commuteroo, who, using a basketball atop a stationary skateboard, manages to launch the ball with his bicycle, making a basket. In his own words while I don’t spend any time trying to replicate this shot:

This one took a few attempts I gotta admit. This was clip 322 after 3 weeks of doing this on every sunny day. Looks warm too but was about 5 degrees. Was in t-shirt for continuity on film. Had a hoodie on between shots – don’t tell me Dad.

Wait — don’t tell your dad what? That you were out in the cold? Or wore a hoodie between shots? Ooooooor spent three weeks trying to score a basket with a skateboard and BMX bike? Tell me, I want to spill the beans. “Speaking of–” Don’t you dare honey! “He slipped and threw a whole bowl of pintos across the kitchen on Cinco de Mayo.” Honeeeeeeey. “You can still see where they hit the ceiling.” I told you, I’m going to make it right. “No, you said you were going to start a kitchen fire.” Right is subjective.