It's the little things, you know?
Awww: Compilation Of Guy Picking Up His Elated Girlfriend After Work

Because there’s nothing quite like the feeling of turning your back to work and running in the opposite direction, this is a compilation video of boyfriend Julius picking up his girlfriend Julie from work. Some more info while I try to remember what happiness feels like:

Student Julius Bondoc, 21, said he was originally compiling the clips of him picking his girlfriend Julie up from work in Brentwood, California, US, to create a personal video scrapbook of these precious moments.

Julius said: “She was always so excited and silly when I picked her up from work because she dreads the long hours at work and cherishes the time she has with me, as I do with her.”

Awwww, how cute. For reference, I’m still sitting on the curb wondering if my girlfriend forgot she was supposed to pick me up from work yesterday.