Now that -- that's how you make an entrance.
Awww: One-Eyed Special Needs Rescue Chihuahua’s Incredible Dance-Walk

This is a video of Mister Mortimer (aka Morty the Misfit) demonstrating his very unique neurological gait, perfectly set to Harry Belafonte’s calypso classic ‘Jump in the Line (Shake, Señora)’. What a little stud. There are a bunch of other videos of Morty being a precious angel on his TikTok page if you want to see more, and you can check out his Linktree if you want to help him or other rescue dogs. After watching this I had no choice but to go pet my own dogs and they were all, “Awwww dad, we love you too!” and everything was right in the world until they asked for treats and ruined the moment. Typical.


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♬ Jump in the Line (Shake, Senora) – Harry Belafonte