In the spirit of the Olympics:
Bachelorette Party Scoots Improperly Parked Car Into Space

Space like parking space, not space like outerspace, because that would be nuts. Also, a must watch. This is a video of a bachelorette party moving a car parked across the dividing line of a parking spot back across that line and into it’s own space. Some more info about the incident while I joyride a shopping cart into the rear of every car taking up more than one space in the grocery store parking lot:

“This was a bachelorette weekend in [Coeur d’Alene] Idaho! Us girls were trying to find parking at a boat ramp to get on the lake! The only spot available had a car parked too crooked for our SUV to fit so we moved it.”

On one hand, should you move other people’s cars? No. But on the other hand, if you can’t manage to park your subcompact Kia Rio in a single space, do you deserve if a drunk bachelorette party does it for you? *siping White Claw with penis-shaped straw* I think the video speaks for itself.