But is it quitting time? That's all I really care about.
Building A Solar Powered LEGO Clock That Can Count A Billion Years

This is a video of Youtube Brick Technology constructing a clock almost entirely out of ingenuity and LEGO that counts seconds, minutes, and hours like a traditional clock, but also fortnights, months, years, decades, centuries, millennium, 100,000 years, megaannum (1,000,000 years), and a galactic year (230-million years). Its bob (weight) is returned to the top for more gravitational energy to keep it running via a solar powered motor, so it can run indefinitely (or at least until earth gets smacked by another meteor and covers the planet in darkness). Obviously, if you’re immortal, this is the clock for you. I will find a way to end you though if you really want me to. Me and black magic are like this *crosses fingers, fingers turn into snakes*