You'll pay for this, human.
Cat Wearing A Spider Costume For Halloween

This is a video of super cutie Hosico (Japanese: ‘star child’), a Scottish Fold cat wearing his Halloween costume for this year: a spider. He doesn’t really do much in it though because, just like putting a piece of slightly tacky tape on the back of a cat, he senses that he’s under something and just tries to crawl out from under it. Now *snapping fingers* take that thing off him so Hosico and I can Fancy Feast together. *clinks crystal glass with fork, takes bite with pinky up, delicately dabs at side of mouth with cloth napkin* The Classic Pate Tender Beef Feast isn’t my favorite, but it isn’t my least favorite either.

Thanks to Charlotte, who agrees somebody needs to do this with a black cat and film it in low-lighting for max spider effect.