Let me at it!
Dog Intensely Chases Water Stream From Inside Car Owner Is Washing

Because dogs are totally nuts, this is a video of Bertie the Lakeland Terrier inside a Peugeot and chasing the water stream from a pressure sprayer while its owner washes the bitchin’ ride. Oh, Bertie — Bertie, Bertie, Bertie. Life is so simple to you, isn’t it? You chase the water, you have a meal of the brown and crunchy, you poop, and you sleep. Living the dream! Funny story: one of my dogs must have misjudged a fart and pooped a little in her sleep the other night and then tried covering it up like she was burying a bone. She wasn’t burying a bone though, she was smearing a turd all over our new duvet. Isn’t that right, Ellie?! Wouldn’t trade her for the world.