Oh I feel some boops coming up!
Dog Dad Cuts Eye And Snout Holes In Fence So Dogs Can Greet Mom When She Gets Home

Because pets are the best and deserve the best, this is a video from The Dodo detailing an Australian dog dad who cut two pairs of eye and snout holes in his home’s fence so dogs Billie and Seymour (aka the peekaboopuppies) can greet their mom as soon as she gets home. But the fun doesn’t stop there! He also made a custom gate between their yard and the neighbor’s so the dogs can all play together. Happy times! You know sometimes I wish I could see what was going on outside my house. “Open the blinds.” And just how am I supposed to do that, honey? “With the little twisty-sticks.” Oh is that what those are for? I’ve just been using them to stir my drink when I’m nearby.