A roller coaster you have to walk? No thank you!
Nighttime Drone Fly-Through Of The ‘Roller Coaster Staircase’

This is a nighttime fly-through of Duisburg, Germany’s ‘roller coaster staircase’ as captured by drone pilot Tony Catapano (aka Tonnoz). The staircase is actually an interactive art installation created by artists Ulrich Genth and Heike Mutter and consists of a 220-meter (~722-feet) circuit with 249 steps. Oh, and it’s actually called the Tiger and Turtle. Why tiger and turtle? Let me copy/paste that for you while I run to the kitchen but remember I can’t eat anything because I have to fast for a blood test at noon. I feel light-headed already and it’s not even 9AM. I’ve usually had at least a pot of coffee and three bowls of sugary cereal by now, leading me to believe my doctor probably isn’t going to be thrilled with my results.

the name Tiger and Turtle represents the rollercoaster speed of a tiger but the turtle pace of the visitor who has to traverse the sculpture on foot.

Sure, why not? Unfortunately for any daredevil visitors like yours truly, the actual loop-de-loop part is blocked off so you can’t attempt to Ninja Warrior monkey-bars your way across it. I mean you can by climbing over the barrier, but it’s probably frowned upon. And you know how I feel about frowning. “It requires more muscles than smiling.” F*CK YEAH, MY FACE IS JACKED.

Keep going for the video, as well as a POV video of someone walking it during the day so you can pretend you’re there.