Such hand-eye coordination!
Twins Demonstrate Their Incredible Hockey Stick And Puck Tricks

These are several videos from the identical Cline Twins showing off their very impressive synchronized hockey stick and puck spinning and catching tricks. It’s like a combination of hockey and colorguard. I wish I could do this. I’d be a more popular at parties, that’s for sure. Because right now everyone’s very “Why are you even here? Who invited you?” and, “No you can’t do a keg stand, didn’t you just say you had mono?” And I’m all ‘It’s called the kissing disease, morons, not the keg stand disease.’ That’s usually when they stop the music and everyone stares until I leave. House parties are lame.

@clinetwins Reply to @nhl what team you singing us too?👀🤔 #fyp #foryou #viral ♬ TO THE MOON – Jnr Choi

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Thanks to JustA, who agrees it’s only a matter of time until whatever this is makes its Winter Olympics debut.