In terrible idea news:
Finally, The Flying Robotic Spiders Nobody Asked For

Because nothing quite screams robot apocalypse like a flying robotic spider, researchers at the University of Tokyo’s robotics department have developed just that, in the form of SPIDAR. What does SPIDAR stand for? Why ‘SPherIcally vectorable and Distributed rotors assisted Air-ground amphibious quadruped Robot’ of course! Jeez, use your brain.

The word “amphibious” usually means maneuvering in both land and water, but in this case they apparently mean both land and air. The challenge of this robot was to make it powerful enough to walk and fly while keeping the weight low enough for air travel. SPIDAR uses 16 thrusters to fly, and to assist the small servo motors used for walking.

Well, it’s been real. There’s no doubt in my mind that there’s no coming back from this. We’ve crossed the line, and the only thing on this side of the line is the end of humanity at the legs and fangs of giant flying robotic spiders. I could say I told you so, but what’s the point? “Being right.” Oh yeah, I do love that. I told you so. We’re all still gonna die though.