Up up and away!
GoPro Launched Into Space Via Weather Balloon Recovered 2 Years Later

Five college friends in Arizona launched a GoPro into space via weather balloon from the rim of the Grand Canyon, planning to track its location when it returned to earth via an attached phone’s GPS. Unfortunately, at some point during its 1 hour 38 minute trip to an altitude of 98,664 feet into the stratosphere, it lost its connection to cell towers (note to self: don’t try to order a pizza from space) and never regained it. The students were left wondering if they’d ever get to see their precious space footage. Fast forward to two years later when a hiker found the camera about 50 miles from the original launch site. Happy endings! This is the footage of the flight, complete with some stunning shots of the Grand Canyon and surrounding area. You know, it really made me want to go visit the Grand Canyon. And, if I’m completely honest, try to launch over it on a skateboard.

Thanks to Joe Soap, who