The future nears.
Guy Creates Unreally Realistic Train Station In Unreal Engine 5

This is a video of the train station (modeled after the Etchū-Daimon Station in Toyama, Japan) created by 3D environment artist Lorenzo Drago at ArtStation using Unreal Engine 5, which allows creators to scan real-world objects and turn them into assets, unrestricted by polygon count. Some more info straight from the Drago’s mouth:

“For this project, I wanted to get as close to photorealism as possible. I used camera matching to get accurate proportions and made careful use of reference. I adjusted the measurements afterwards to help with modularity,” they wrote. “Aside from detail textures and alphas created from photographs, I created all textures from scratch in Painter and made custom materials in Unreal for use with vertex painting or masks to break up repetition.”

Well mission accomplished! I would say you definitely got as close to photorealism as possible — there were only a few very minor details I noticed, but that’s just me and I have an eye for these sorts of things. I can spot a bug on a carpet from a hundred yards, and jump on a chair and yell for my girlfriend to squish it from a hundred more.

Thanks to my Dad, who’s a huge fan of video games that involve considerable shotgun and/or sniper rifle use.