My body aches just watching.
Gymnast Performs First Uneven Bars Nebieva Skill In NCAA Competition

This is a video of Auburn gymnast Sunisa Lee performing the first Nebieva in NCAA competition history. What’s a Nebieva? It’s a G-rated (the most difficult in gymnastics, but tamest for movies) skill named after gymnast Tatiana Olegovna Nabieva that consists of a “pike sole circle backward with counter stretched hecht (layout position over high bar) to hang.” No clue what that means, but it was impressive to watch (note: it’s the first part of the routine, not the dismount). For reference, I stretched getting out of bed this morning and felt something in my rib cage pop, then it was painful to breathe and I just assumed I was having a heart attack and laid on the floor and waited for the Grim Reaper to take me. But then my dogs crawled out from under the bed and started licking my face and I was healed. TL;DR: dogs are little shit-breathed miracle workers.