Mmmm, love the smell of burning garbage.
An Hour-Long Relaxing Dumpster Fire Video: Move Over, Crackling Fireplace!

Well, it’s the 2021 holiday season — and you know what that means: tying a big red bow on this steaming turd of a year and trying to regift it to a frenemy. And what better way to unwind before the hectic holidays than with this hour-long relaxing dumpster fire ambiance video? It features a peacefully burning dumpster in the background while a woman enjoys a steaming mug of what I assume is pure grain alcohol. I only wish the dumpster fire was more realistic, but what are you gonna do — fill an actual dumpster with all your roommate’s furniture and film it burning? *pocketing matchbook* Would you watch it if I did? “Would you still do it if I didn’t?” I assume that was rhetorical.