Go ball, you can do it!
So Satisfying: A 6-Minute Marble Run

This is a video of a ball bearing completing the giant marble run constructed by Scott of Youtube channel Scott’s Marble Runs, taking a full six minutes from the top (which begins on Scott’s roof, not unlike where I begin many Saturday mornings in college) to the very bottom (a Frozen Olaf cup in his living room). What a journey! I really feel like I’ve grown having watched that. And I have — six minutes older. Those are six minutes I’ll never get back, and you know what, I don’t want them back. I don’t need your charity! No but seriously can I borrow a couple bucks for some lotto scratchers, I’m feeling lucky because I almost stepped in dog poop this morning but didn’t. What kind of dog poops on the bath mat anyways? SPOILER: Mine. Mine does.