"Stop touching things."
LEGO Master Builders Construct Full-Size Baby Yoda In Crib

To celebrate (read: promote) the release of The Mandalorian season two, this is a timelapse video of three LEGO master builders constructing a full-scale baby Yoda out of 14,588 bricks over the course of 119 hours. *spit-takes all the LEGO pieces I had in my mouth* 119 hours?! Did they have to make each individual brick by hand too? Man, clearly these master builders charge by the hour. Now I’m not saying I could have built this baby Yoda quicker, but– “Let’s go back to the part where you had a mouthful of LEGO pieces.” Times sure were simpler back then, weren’t they?

Thanks to MSA, who informed me episode 3 of the new season is dropping on Friday the 13th. I hope it’s a scary episode!