But it's not yellow.
Man Builds Mini LEGO-Powered Submarine With Automatic Depth Control

This is a video from the Brick Experiment Channel on Youtube of the construction and testing of an incredibly impressive mini LEGO-powered submarine, complete with automatic depth control (and minifig captain). The tiny submersible is capable of maintaining a constant depth OR distance from the bottom using its onboard pressure sensor and laser distance sensor. After testing the sub in a pool first, it’s then taken on a tour of a river, with accompanying onboard camera footage. You know, I would have loved one of these as a kid. And not just to find out if the local pool really did have sharks they let out at night or if that was just a myth to discourage us from breaking in to swim, but I have my suspicions.

Thanks again to my dad, who just built me a system to automatically adjust the exhaust fan on my poison dart frog tank to keep the humidity at optimal levels. Thanks!