The foam pit adds an extra layer of badass.
Man Demonstrates His Real Life Spider-Man Inspired Web Swingers

This is a video of engineer JT of Youtube channel Built IRL discussing and demonstrating the latest iteration of his Spider-Man inspired webshooters/rope swingers, which allow him to swing across horizontal pipes. Not to brag or anything, but I could consistently make it across the monkey bars from age 6 till about halfway through college. Some more info about the devices while I daydream about those glory days:

JT created a simple metal tube, powered by compressed propane and a custom-designed igniter, that would launch a long cable embedded with metal hooks that could secure itself when wrapped around a metal beam.

The use of mild explosives meant the web-shooters had to be refilled using a special machine between each use, which isn’t really an option mid-swing. So JT instead built seven of the launchers in total, allowing him to wear several of them on a belt and switch between them from swing to swing. That’s easier said than done, however, and after a week spent training at an indoor trampoline facility with lots of soft places to safely fall, JT managed to complete two-and-a-half swings from the building’s metal rafters before landing back on the ground on his feet.

If you just happened to look up and saw somebody doing this you would be impressed. But if you saw a video of somebody doing this knowing they’ve spent the last two years of their life working on it and 2.5 swings (the last with both hands) on perfectly horizontal pipes was as far as they’ve made it, well, you should still be impressed God what is wrong with you stop being so jaded.

Thanks to my dad, who agrees where there’s a will, there’s a way.