Nice now make me one of the minifig astronaut helmets.
Man Makes Himself A Human Scale LEGO Minifig Knight’s Helmet

This is a video of Youtuber agepbiz’s quest (appropriate) to 3D print himself a human scale LEGO knight’s helmet large enough to fit his own respectable-sized dome. The process included taking close-up photos of a helmet then digitizing them into a computer model, then upscaling that model by 2020% and printing out the pieces. As you can see, the result is impressive. Of course if I were to print one for myself I’d probably have to upscale the helmet by 2800%, but that’s just me and I have a big head. Must be a lot of brain in there! “Or your skull is an inch and a half thick.” Honey! “What?” You know I’m self conscious about my skull thickness.