I dunno, that looked pretty jagged right after he cut it.
Man Turns Jack Daniels Bottle Into Drinking Glass

This is a short video of a man turning an empty Jack Daniels bottle into a gin glass. Wow, drinking gin out of a whiskey bottle, is nothing sacred? Just how drunk are you? Honestly, I’m not sure why anybody would want to drink gin out of anything — gin is what you drink when you hate yourself. *closes eyes, recalls the countless nights of gin & tonics* Also, I assume this glass is hand-wash only because those labels are definitely coming off in a dishwasher. Questionable project, 2/5 Fireball shots. And just to be clear, even 5/5 Fireballs shots isn’t all that great because they’re Fireball shots. Fireball is what you drink when you hate yourself but just aren’t willing to admit it yet.